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Propelurs Consulting aims to bring to you essential super skills that are required in daily life for success and growth. Our mission is to add value to your organization and to you personally by providing the best learning experience.

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We strive to build and enhance negotiation skills and influencing abilities for leaders and professionals as well as for kids.


Presenting to you the essentials of communication that make every interaction effective, with any audience and in whichever mode.


We present innovative tools and masterminds to raise the leadership lid of individuals and help the organizations grow.

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“Anuj helped us view the negotiation process through a different (and more relevant) lens.

He did well in facilitating as opposed to lecturing.  He structured the flow to allow for adequate participation from the attendees.  The dissection of the different aspects of negotiations was useful so that we can focus on improving them.  The sharing of common pitfalls in negotiations made participants look back at the times when we could have done better. Also, the open discussion on personal experiences by participants generated useful learning points.

I would recommend having Anuj facilitate additional such sessions.”

Ghamazy Rashid

Building a Strong Foundation: A Look at Our Founder.

Anuj Jagannathan had a dream of adding value to others via his own venture. He disembarked the corporate train and joined the entrepreneurship train to accomplish his dream. He accomplishes this mission via corportate training and workshops.

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